What is Tinnitus?

If you are new to tinnitus - below is a plain English YouTube video explanation.

The secret to using your brain's natural plasticity to push your tinnitus into the background

In the YouTube video, Marc Fagelson states these is no cure for tinnitus. We do not claim a cure and part of our mission is to help you avoid internet scams and false promises.

However, we do know from helping over 2000 people that you can change your tinnitus and enjoy peace and quiet again. It does take time and effort, plus taking a structured approach. Our free tinnitus video lessons will show you how.

Worried your tinnitus is caused by a serious medical condition?

It is important to rule out any underlying medical condition by seeing your GP/Doctor who may refer you to an ENT specialist. But it is much more likely your tinnitus is caused by one of the more common causes.

Ready to take control of your tinnitus?

Recent clinical trials at the University of Auckland and our success with Tinnitus Tunes members - demonstrate you can take control and push your tinnitus into the background.