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We very rarely talk about a cure for tinnitus - but there is one cause where if treated it can also remove your tinnitus?  

If your tinnitus is due to a head, neck or jaw injury, treating the underlying physical injury can also remove your tinnitus.

Where your tinnitus is caused by other factors there may be no cure yet, but there are five treatment approaches that can be effective in significantly reducing the impact of your tinnitus and have research evidence to back them up. But knowing which one, or combination to use will vary depending on the cause and main symptoms of your tinnitus. So the first important step is to take this short online tinnitus survey

Once you complete the quiz you will receive a free 12 week series of tinnitus updates, with each week including an explanation of the treatment techniques that are relevant to your tinnitus trigger(s) and symptoms. The updates also include case studies, the latest research and most important of all a weekly action step so you take control of your tinnitus and improve the quality of your life again.

The techniques included in the 12 week program have been proven and refined over the last 15 years at the University of Auckland Hearing & Tinnitus clinic and are being used by other leading audiologists, Ear Nose & Throat surgeons, physiotherapists and specialist counsellors.

Free tinnitus video lessons - 5 things you must know before trying to improve your tinnitus

We have recorded a series of 3 tinnitus lessons so you watch them at times to suit you. We cover the connection between stress and tinnitus, answering fears about underlying medical conditions and tinnitus and how brain training uses neuroplasticity to transform your tinnitus. Please use the link below to request access to the video lessons and receive our weekly updates. 

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Transform your tinnitus and your quality of sleep in 12 weeks

Although you can use our free content and weekly email updates, to experience a major life change we do recommend you become a member of Tinnitus Tunes. Our members have a detailed weekly program and guide. Here is feedback from just one of our members.

Tom, Thank you a thousand times for the help I have received from Tinnitus Tunes. I joined about 8 weeks ago and every day I have concentrated on the different sounds. It wasn't until a week ago, when I was part way through the Brain Training that I suddenly realised I had gone several days with only mild tinnitus.

Having had tinnitus for more than 10 years, I feel it has gone from 9 to a 2 out of 10 and feels amazing. I feel it is a great pity that so many people with tinnitus are not aware of what your team can do to help. Thank you, Brian.

What is Tinnitus

We don't like to assume everyone is an expert on tinnitus, particularly if you have just started hearing the noises. So we have given below a link to a neat explanation of tinnitus.

A short YouTube clip giving a simple explanation of tinnitus.