Brain Training

The overall goal is to push your tinnitus into the background, so you can enjoy peace & quiet. You will then enjoy reading a book, listening to music and being able to sleep better.

Our unique Tinnitus Tunes brain training exercises are the secret to achieving peace. The brain training exercises have been used at the University of Auckland and Tinnitus Tunes by over 2,000 people from across the world.

The Tinnitus Tunes brain training uses the natural plasticity of your brain to shift the attention away from your tinnitus. You simply listen and identify the type of sounds and which direction the sounds are coming from. It takes around 20 minutes per day over at least 15 days. We make your brain focus harder and harder as the brain training progresses by introducing interfering sounds like children laughing. It is this intense focus that pushes your tinnitus into the background.

Like To Try It for Free just use the link to try a short extract from one of the day’s exercises.

The brain training is accessed via a specialist audio sharing platform so you can simply stream or download the exercises to your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can join Tinnitus Tunes Now and use the brain training and all our four other tinnitus treatment techniques. Once you are a member, we provide you with a step-by-step tinnitus management plan backed up with our two online training courses.


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