Avoiding Tinnitus Scams

We want to help you avoid wasting money, time and hope on “miracle tinnitus cures” that are advertised on the internet or in magazines. We understand you may be desperate for something to help your tinnitus, but these scam merchants are not the answer.


Supplements and vitamins

We acknowledge that some of our members and subscribers do believe their tinnitus is helped by taking certain vitamins or supplements. Examples include:

  • Gingo Biloba
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • Melatonin (mainly to help with sleep quality).

However, the American Tinnitus Association states there is no good research evidence that vitamins or supplements can help your tinnitus. Therefore, you may be wasting your money.

Our view is most “mainstream” vitamins or supplements are unlikely to cause you harm, but you should be aware that production standards are sometimes not that rigorous and therefore there are some risks associated.

We are more concerned about situations where people are making claims about their unique, or special combination of ingredients that will “cure your tinnitus.” Please avoid these scam merchants.


Ear drops

In our opinion it is unlikely that taking ear drops of any type will cure your tinnitus.

A build up of earwax can be a cause of tinnitus, but we would recommend going to a specialist clinic to have your ears cleaned (please avoid the use of a syringe for removing ear wax).

The clinic may recommend adding some olive oil to your ear to soften the wax before your appointment- go by their recommendation.