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Just two simple steps to join Tinnitus Tunes

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Step 2 - Enter your contact and payment details 

If you have any difficulty with the process, please just call 64 (0) 21 399 562 and Tom will help you. Please leave a message and he will ring you back if we are not able to answer the phone.

You will then be part of our tinnitus online clinic with fellow members from New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and India so far.

As a member you will have full access to over 30 Masking & Relaxation Sound Therapy files that are equivalent to over 8 hours of sound recording. The library includes broadband style recordings (like white noise)  and natural sounds like rivers and waterfalls. The relaxation sound library includes 12 sound files including 4 special binaural recordings.

All members have access to all content including the 250 plus sound files that are in the tinnitus brain training library plus loads of other benefits.

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase just contact us within 30 days and we will provide a full refund with no questions asked. So a full satisfaction guarantee.

Recommendation from one of our members

Charles from Orewa near Auckland, New Zealand I have had severe recurring tinnitus for more years than I like to admit. I also assumed that there was nothing I could really do to improve things. However, after completing all 15 sessions of the brain training therapy on Tinnitus Tunes, for the first time I have had prolonged spells of blissful silence. Even when I am aware of my tinnitus the severity is significantly reduced.

What does full membership give you?

  • Unlimited access to the treatment techniques that have helped 80% of our clients significantly improve their tinnitus;
  • Full participation in the 12 week tinnitus transformation program that gives you a weekly update including information tailored to your tinnitus symptoms (based on your answers to the online tinnitus quiz) and weekly action steps that build on each other to make a significant change.
  • Access to over 275 sound files that can retrain your brain to ignore the tinnitus;
  • Unlimited access to content prepared by the Clinical Director of the Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic at the University of Auckland including our weekly updates.
  • Plus content contributed by our colleagues at leading clinics and universities in the USA, UK and Australia and unlimited use of our email chat service to get personal feedback and advice.

Easy Use Membership

If you would rather avoid the technology challenges & hours of effort involved in creating Playlists on your smartphone or computer and then downloading over 275 sound files and podcasts - the Easy Use Membership is ideal for you!

We send you a small pen-drive (USB stick) you simply insert in the USB port of your computer or tablet that all the relaxation podcasts, the masking sounds and the brain training sound therapy all pre-loaded. All yours for only US$135


Why go for VIP membership?

  • We know it is not for everyone, but if you are really determined to achieve a massive change, surely it is worth an investment of US$397 - after all how long have you suffered from your tinnitus?
  • By the way if you are already a full individual member of Tinnitus Tunes we will give you a refund of US$107 to thank you for being part of our community (so your net cost will only be US$290)
  • First of all we make it easy for you by providing you with a Sony MP3 player all set up with the partial masking, relaxation, attention focusing and adaptation sound therapy files. Plus all the audio pod casts with guided progressive relaxation, meditation, positive visualization and breathing exercises.
  • You also have all 200 plus Brain Training sound files ready to use without having to download the files yourself into a playlist. Your brain rewiring to shift attention away from your tinnitus sounds all ready to go.
  • You also have the opportunity to have regular contact with our customer service team via email and phone to check you are on the right path and a check in after the 12 week tinnitus transformation program to refine and consolidate your treatment approach.

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