Help and information for people with tinnitus

We have provided links to a number of websites which you might find helpful in terms of obtaining more information on tinnitus. This includes helping identify local sources of support in your country. if you would like to either link to our website, or suggest we list your website, we welcome you to use the Contact Us Page and Online Form

Tinnitus fact sheets & information booklets

A good explanation of hearing loss and tips on how to preserve your hearing

Most of the hearing aid manufacturers publish good material that explains symptoms and causes of tinnitus. The information booklets also usually include tips on how to reduce the impact of your tinnitus. We are independent of all the manufacturers so over time we will give examples of their material.

This tinnitus information booklet from Siemens is a good example of where the manufacturer is helping educate rather than promoting their own products.

Range of Tinnitus Associations

American Tinnitus Association -

British Tinnitus Association -

European federation of tinnitus associations -

Australian Tinnitus Association -

Victoria (Australia) Tinnitus Association -

German Tinnitus Association -

Other related foundations and NGOs

New Zealand National Foundation for the Deaf - 

Life Unlimited, provides free hearing evaluations, information and support (including tinnitus) to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents aged 16 years and over. Contact 0800 008 011 or for nationwide services.

Hearing Health Foundation -

The American academy of audiology -

Help and Information related to Hyperacusis

Hyperacusis Support Network - 

Connections with other clinicians that help people with tinnitus or other hearing issues

We are currently in discussions with a range of clinical practices beginning with New Zealand & Australia and once we have reached agreement we will provide you with contact details for those clinics.