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4 simple reasons for becoming a member

Reason 1: You want to work with someone who can help and you can trust

We have been successfully helping 80% of people achieve significant change to their tinnitus for over 15 years through our University of Auckland Hearing & Tinnitus clinic. We have now taken those same techniques and made them available online so we can help people who want the convenience of being able to get help whenever and wherever they want. We are blown away to have people from 34 countries using our Tinnitus Tunes content and treatment, thank you.

Reason 2:  You can achieve prolonged periods of blissful silence

We know from chatting with many of our members that they want to:

  • Enjoy a good night's sleep - you can use the full combination of techniques & tools we provide to make this a reality and regain your energy. This includes access to a Free Sleep Guide written for people with tinnitus.
  • Have pleasure reading, listening to music and being able to go out with your partner or family;
  • Have a structured approach for improving their tinnitus - you can have this via our 12 week Tinnitus Transformation Program so you become no longer aware of your tinnitus sounds. 

 Reason 3: You take control of your tinnitus.

When you complete this simple 4 minute online tinnitus quiz you tell us about your tinnitus (what your main challenges & symptoms are, whether your tinnitus has been caused by an injury, or reaction to drugs or surgery). We then send you a weekly email that is tailored to your tinnitus, covering each part of the 12 week Tinnitus Transformation program and beyond. Each week you will take an action step, with each step building on the last to achieve success and improvement along the way. So you are being proactive (and guided along each step of the way) to a better life.

Reason 4: You have access to the latest developments in tinnitus treatment & research

We are connected with all the leading researchers, hearing associations and treatment providers and we will keep you fully informed of new developments in the assessment and treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis. We also provide independent and professional commentary so you are not going to be led astray by false promises and unproven claims of miracle cures.

So to come on board as member of our community please use this link. We look forward to helping you soon. When you follow the link you will have a choice to join as a full individual member, or if you prefer to have all the sound therapy and brain training files pre-loaded on a USB drive (saves you hours of effort having to create iTune Playlists & download over 250 sound files and podcasts)  select the Easy Use Membership or as a VIP member (where we make things even better for you by providing a Sony MP3 player all pre-loaded with all the sound therapy files and the brain training) plus personal email and phone contact. You can also upgrade your membership at any stage by simply contacting us at info@tinnitustunes.com

It is all Risk Free as we provide a full refund if for any reason you are not happy with the changes you achieve.