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Our goal is to provide research & clinically proven information content that will help clinicians & physicians assess and support people with tinnitus. For some Physicians & GPs this may be around the initial consultation, then being able to point patients in the right direction for quality information and treatment from specialists.

Tinnitus assessment matrix

For Clinicians including ENT specialists, Audiologists, Counsellors, Physiotherapists etc. you will be able to use as little, or as much of the content as you want to complement and support your own treatment approaches. Some of the content is free to access, but to benefit from having access to all the content we recommend you join as a member. 

Financial benefits for clinicians

When you join as a full individual member just add the name of your clinic and we will provide you with the following benefits:

  • A unique promotion code you can give to your patients which will give them a 20% discount of the normal joining fee.
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Structure of this content area

Under the Helping Your Tinnitus tab which is primarily designed for people with tinnitus we have provided a 5 step approach to taking control of tinnitus. For Clinicians we will provide a parallel 5 step structure so if you wish you can work alongside your patients when they are using the tinnitus tunes website as members.


Step Description Key content & recommended use
1. Education & relaxation

Tinnitus fact sheets (Patient & Clinician Versions) + Clinical guidelines.

We provide free access to a range of relaxation exercises and partial masking sounds for all your patients.

2. Tinnitus assessment & communication with patients It is important patients are able to rule out any underlying medical condition that could be causing their tinnitus. Assessment guidelines & communication tips - quick link to Step 2 - Assessment
3. Helping patients take control of their tinnitus We encourage patients to take part in the 12 week tinnitus transformation program which is delivered via weekly email updates. 
4. Helping patients create a new future Patients should use the Brain Training to "rewire" their brain to switch attention away from their tinnitus.  This link shows how you can help
5. Encouraging patients to make healthy lifestyle changes that will reinforce the beneficial changes to their tinnitus. Depending on the patient we recommend encouraging them to improve their diet, take regular exercise and use the relaxation exercises available for free on Tinnitus Tunes.


 Step 1 - Keeping informed

Your patient(s) may have already down loaded the Tinnitus free guide from our website, if not you are free to download and print a copy for them using this link. You can also download the Clinician tinnitus fact sheet.

If you prefer you can simply direct them to the www.tinnitustunes.com website.

To support your own knowledge development and assist with communicating with your patients, we also recommend you have a look at the Clinicians Tinnitus Fact Sheet

Clinical guidelines

Some clinicians will be keen to keep up with the latest guidelines published by one, or more of the professional bodies. The American Academy of Otolaryngology publish a detailed 40 page guidelines document around the assessment & treatment of tinnitus. Here is a link to the  clinical guidelines

We regularly update the Tinnitus Tunes website with new content including contributions from other clinicians. If you would like to provide material to be published on our website please use the Contact Us form and we will get back in touch.