How to use the partial masking sounds

Welcome to your Masking & Relaxation Sound Library. Finding a sound, or a number of sounds that work for you is a very personal choice. Some people like natural sounds, others prefer the white, or brown noise styles. So take your time and experiment until you find your favourites.

You can download the sound files, save them to your computer and add them to your iTunes account or your preferred playlist tool. You can also have the sounds on both your home computer and your iPhone or other Smartphone- that way you can listen to the sounds any time and any place without having to be connected to the internet. Please use this link for a simple guide  on how to download sound files.

If you find the technology a bit daunting, we recommend you enrol the help of one of your children or grand children to help you create the play lists. Our Tinnitus Tunes members have access to the masking sounds, relaxation exercises and the brain training via the FidBak audio sharing platform.

We recommend using these sounds whenever tinnitus is bothering you and that could initially be for several hours per-day. The sounds should not be played at a level that makes it difficult for you to hear other natural sounds around you. When using the treatment sounds, we recommend having headphones that give you the ability to alter the volume independently for each ear, or if you have a hearing loss use your hearing aids.

The sound library contains the following audio files you can download:

Masking sounds that have a high background intensity

 Sound duration in minutes  Click the description to download the sound file
30  Sound of water from a tap 
30  Water from a shower 
30  Forest by the sea recording 
30  Roaring surf water by the beach 
30 Recording of strong waterfall
30 Roaring Fire Sound 
30  White Background Noise
30  Brown Background Noise
30 Pink Background Noise 

Masking sounds that have a moderate background intensity

Sound duration in minutes   Click the description to download the sound file
Sound of the Ocean Waves 
20 Recording of surfing waves from NZ
20   Recording of surf waves with bias on left ear
 30 Grey Background Noise 
 30  White Background Noise
 30  Brown Background Noise
30  Pink Background Noise

Masking sounds that have a low background intensity

 Sound duration in minutes  Click the description to download the sound file
Unsealed Road Noise Recording from within the car 
 Recording of road trip noise from within the car
21  Recording of cicadas as low masking 
11  Recording of cicadas in the morning 
20   Recording of cicadas in the evening

 How to use the Relaxation sounds

 3D recordings of natural sounds and background sounds for meditation

When you are listening to natural sounds included in the table below, try to let the tinnitus become just one of the sounds around you. It is not separate from the environment but a real part of the environment, and just another background sound. The aim of this technique is to move your tinnitus from being an intangible and feared object to something more real and non-threatening. If tinnitus can be integrated with the sounds around us its importance for listening will drop.


 Sound duration in minutes Click the description to download the sound file
 30  Yangtze Delta background sounds for meditation and relaxation  
30  Spiritual and relaxing background sounds for meditating  
25  Gentle steady rain sounds
30  Guitar String steady and slow
30 Deep big bell chiming slow intervals 
30 Deep big bell chiming slow and low pitch 
30  Big bell chiming steady intervals


Binaural beat style recordings

The use of binaural beats is when two tones of a slightly different pitch are playing in each ear a third “beat” sound can be heard. Binaural beats are becoming popular for their benefit of inducing euphoric, relaxing or meditative state for the listener. The evidence for the benefit of Binaural Beats in tinnitus management is just emerging. We offer several sounds in the table below that incorporate binaural beats for you to try.


 Sound duration in minutes Click the description to download the sound file
 Lapping Waves
 Waterfall Sounds
 21  Gentle rain
 30  Bubbling creek