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Charles from Orewa near Auckland, New Zealand

I have had severe recurring tinnitus for more years than I like to admit. I also assumed that there was nothing I could really do to improve things. However, after completing all 15 sessions of the brain training therapy on Tinnitus Tunes, for the first time I have had prolonged spells of blissful silence. Even when I am aware of my tinnitus the severity is significantly reduced.


Hi Tom. The brain training I completed last week has been of immense help for me in managing my tinnitus. I have had tinnitus since 2010 and had therapy at the University of Auckland clinic way back then and learned how to ignore my tinnitus.

Over the past year I have had a few health issues and I started to listen and focus on my tinnitus. It became so loud and I really became distressed. I joined up with Tinnitus Tunes and started with using masking music and relaxation again with great success. After a few weeks I started with the brain training which I completed over about 20 weeks. The result is wonderful. I no longer think about or focus on my tinnitus continuously. I find I can relax and spend quiet times reading whereas before, the tinnitus used to invade my space and annoy me. If I do find myself lapsing into listening to it again, I use my masking music to take my focus away. I am planning to do the brain training again in the future. Kind regards, Sylvia

Heather Sommerville from Auckland, New Zealand

For the past two years I have had to learn to live with forever-changing 24 x 7 tinnitus that reacts to most sound. In the first few months I spent a disproportionate amount of time online searching for answers. The problem with this it was difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction.

I was recently introduced to Tinnitus Tunes provided by the Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic at the University of Auckland. It was such a relief to find helpful information you could trust from people who are genuinely concerned for your welfare and want to help you with your tinnitus. The site is easy to navigate and the information easy to understand. If you want even more information (and ability to use the sound therapy) you can pay a subscription that enables you to go further. This subscription helps further research.

This is the only site I use now, as it has all any tinnitus sufferer needs to support them. I was fortunate to meet with Dr Grant Searchfield and audiologist Tania Linford. Knowing that people of their caliber are behind this site makes it even more credible.

Recent feedback from a patient at the University of Auckland, H & T Clinic

"Tinnitus Tunes has been my one stop shop for getting on the road to recovery. After several unsuccessful attempts to address my symptoms, Tinnitus Tunes provided all the necessary information and debunked many of the myths and miss truths surrounding this issue. Tinnitus Tunes is aimed at genuinely helping people rather than selling a product or pushing a particular treatment."

Susan from Auckland, New Zealand

Based on a recommendation from the Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic at the University of Auckland, I joined Tinnitus Tunes. First as a Relaxation & Masking Sound Library Member. The range of masking sounds available was great and I found the perfect solution for me (the recording of a shower), it worked for my high pitched tinnitus sounds. I had previously tried other masking sounds, but none were right for me.