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Tinnitus Customer Stories

Case Study 1: Mature man with tinnitus for more than 10 years, brings severity down from 9 to 2 out of 10

Brian had found his tinnitus, a high frequency sound was getting more intense, making it difficult to sleep, or enjoy simple things like reading or watching TV. Brian would be the first to admit he was dubious that anything could be done to help.

However after 7 weeks, including two weeks of the Brain Training therapy he suddenly realised he had gone several days almost being unaware of his tinnitus. He now scores his tinnitus as 2 out of 10 and says life has been transformed. He will continue to concentrate on the different types of sounds provided through Tinnitus Tunes, plus also listening carefully to the natural sounds all around him.

In Brian's own words "Tom, thank you a thousand times for the help I have received from Tinnitus Tunes. I feel it is a pity that so many people with tinnitus are not aware of what your team can do to help." Note: It is unusual to have results this quickly, more typical is around 12 weeks.

Personal story from Simon, one of our Tinnitus Tunes members

Case study 2 - a classic example of stress & tension in the body

Simon asked us to share his story as inspiration and encouragement to others with tinnitus. As you will see from his story when Simon contacted us he was not in a good place emotionally and mentally. However, he took a very proactive approach to listening to advice and used the combination of the 12 week Tinnitus Transformation program and treatment from a holistic clinician who uses acupressure amongst other techniques to help reduce stress, anxiety and tension in the body.

Read more about Simon's tinnitus journey.


Mature Lady - Achieved Big Change To Her Tinnitus

Case study 3 - involving use of physiotherapy to achieve significant change in tinnitus

Patient profile and reasons for referral:

Lady in her early sixties who is a retired health worker.Lady with tinnitus and neck injury

Referred for treatment of pain and limited movement of her neck, back and left shoulder with tingling down her left arm.

She had been suffering from vertigo (dizziness) for the past three weeks for which she has been seeing a specialist.

Tinnitus in both ears (bilateral), worse on her left and suffering from the constant disturbing noise. Patient scored her tinnitus severity as 7 out of 10 with it being worst at night when trying to go to sleep. Suffered poor quality sleep between 3 and 5 nights per week mainly due to her tinnitus.

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