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Helping Your Tinnitus

5 simple steps for you to take control and change your tinnitus

You may have just discovered you have tinnitus, or you may have had tinnitus for a while and been told "there is nothing that can be done, you will just have to live with it." It makes us mad when we hear that, because it is not true! You can take part in our 12 week Tinnitus Transformation program with online advice, information and treatment broken down into 5 simple steps.

Let us be up front, there is no magic cure for tinnitus, although more and more research is being done that may lead to a "cure" and this content site will keep you informed of what research is taking place worldwide.

However, based on over 15 years of clinical experience we know that over 80% of people with tinnitus can receive help and treatment that will significantly improve their tinnitus and change their life!

Tinnitus treatment approach

Also, it is important to understand that in some cases, tinnitus is caused by an underlying medical condition, or injury and treatment of that underlying cause can lead to the elimination of tinnitus.

The recommended 5 steps to help you manage your tinnitus

We will first list the 5 steps and then expand on each step on a separate page. 

To be part of the 12 week tinnitus transformation, we do need to understand you and your tinnitus, so we can tailor the information and treatment to suit your symptoms, the original cause (if known) and what triggers or makes your tinnitus worse. So if you have not already done the online tinnitus quiz, please complete the short quiz now,. 

To take full advantage of all the content we also recommend you join as a member.

At the moment that is only going to require an investment of US$87 for 12 months. We are often asked by New Zealand based residents why we charge in US Dollars when we are a NZ organisation. The simple answer is we have members from 34 different countries and the US currency is one most people are used to dealing with online.



Step Description What & Where To Go Recommended Action
1. Education - being informed Download the Free Tinnitus Guide Use this link to get the guide now Take the 5 minute online Tinnitus Quiz to tell us about your tinnitus - what are your main challenges, symptoms etc. We then send you an email each week with content and action steps tailored to suit your individual needs.
2. Seek medical help Consult your physician / GP / Audiologist. Quick link to more information on Step 2. Follow their advice if there is an underlying medical cause, For example more than 10% of our members say their tinnitus has been caused by a head, neck or jaw injury. Having treatment from an experienced physiotherapist can ease the pain and take away their tinnitus. You can read one of our case studies here. that show the power of physiotherapy in changing tinnitus.
3. How to take control Use the Relaxation audio pod casts on visualisation and progressive relaxation.

We recommend you start with the positive visualization, progressive realaxation therapy and the breathing exercises. They will help calm your over-active mind and improve your sleep. You can access all the pod-casts here.

You will need to be a member to use the material - Find out more here

4. Create your new future. Use the Brain Training to "rewire" your brain and silence your tinnitus. Become a member of Tinnitus Tunes. Join our Tinnitus Tunes community in 2 simple steps
5. Long term protection and care Enjoy the latest updates on new research, patient case studies and new treatment. Tap into our regular weekly email and website updates. Use this link to complete a short online tinnitus quiz (if you have not done it already) and you will receive the weekly email updates.

 Quick links to the key treatment downloads

Progressive relaxation, visualization and breathing exercises Your simplest and easiest way to make a difference. Reduce anxiety, stress and tension which all contribute to tinnitus.

Quick link to ASMR relaxation sounds

Quick link to partial masking & relaxing sound therapy downloads.

 Link to the powerful brain training therapy - switching attention away from your tinnitus

Attention refocusing sound downloads to use alongside your brain training

Quick link to the final set of sounds - adaptation

Step 1 - Being informed

Key Goals

To give you and your family access to simple and trustworthy information & education:

  • By being informed you can remove the fear of the unknown. Understand what tinnitus is, realise just how common it is (you are certainly not alone) and some of the main causes.
  • Without having to become a medical expert help you obtain the most from your consultation with your physician, GP or audiologist. 
  • Give you the knowledge and confidence to be able judge what types of treatment can help you and reduce the risk of wasting time & money on products, or services that have dubious research or clinical credibility.

Actions & Links to more detailed information

If you have not done it already download and read the Free Tinnitus Guide via this link  The key messages to extract from that document are:

    • Tinnitus is experienced by at least 10% of people at some stage. Although if you have subjective tinnitus (the most common type), no one else can hear the sounds you hear, they are "real" and action can be taken to investigate and help you with treatment.
    • There may be an underlying injury, drug reaction or other medical condition that is causing the tinnitus. That is why we always recommend you consult your physician / GP, because if that is the case there may be a clear pathway to eliminating your tinnitus by treating the underlying cause.
    • If there is not an underlying medical condition, you can still take control of managing your tinnitus and the tools & techniques available through this content website will help you through that journey.
    • Take the 4 minute online tinnitus quiz so the information we send you each week is tailored to your own specific needs.