5 treatment stages & techniques for you to take control and change your tinnitus

You may have just discovered you have tinnitus, or you may have had tinnitus for a while and been told "there is nothing that can be done, you will just have to live with it." It makes us mad when we hear that, because it is not true! You can take part in our 12 week Tinnitus Transformation program with online advice, information and treatment broken down into 5 simple stages.

Let us be up front, there is no magic cure for tinnitus, although more and more research is being done that may lead to a "cure" and this content site will keep you informed of what research is taking place worldwide.

However, based on over 15 years of clinical experience we know that over 80% of people with tinnitus can receive help and treatment that will significantly improve their tinnitus and change their life!

Tinnitus treatment approach

Also, it is important to understand that in some cases, tinnitus is caused by an underlying medical condition, or injury and treatment of that underlying cause can lead to the elimination of tinnitus.

The recommended 5 stages to help you manage your tinnitus

We will first list the 5 steps and then expand on each step on a separate page.  

You can enjoy the free guidance we provide. However, to take full advantage of all the content and tinnitus treatment we recommend you join as a member.

 We are often asked by New Zealand based residents why we charge in US Dollars when we are a NZ organisation. The simple answer is we have members from 34 different countries and the US currency is one most people are used to dealing with online.



Step Description What & Where To Go Recommended Action
1. Education and relaxation Download the Free Tinnitus Guide Use this link to get the guide now

Stress can be a common trigger for tinnitus as well as a symptom. The use of relaxation exercises will help calm your over-active mind and improve your sleep. It also prepares your body and mind ready to maximise the benefits of the remaining four treatment techniques. You have free access to our relaxation podcasts and exercises

2. Consult the right experts Consult your physician / GP / Audiologist. Quick link to more information on Step 2. Follow their advice if there is an underlying medical cause, for example more than 10% of our members say their tinnitus has been caused by a head, neck or jaw injury. Having treatment from an experienced physiotherapist can ease the pain and take away their tinnitus. You can read one of our case studies here. that show the power of physiotherapy in changing tinnitus.
3. Use of partial masking Partial masking reduces the ambient contrast between your tinnitus and the sounds around you.

We provide free access to a range of natural (e.g. waterfall, rivers etc.) and broadband masking sounds with different intensities. Research has shown that the broadband masking is slightly more effective, but it is more important to find one, or two sounds you feel comfortable listening to for prolonged periods of time.  

You can access all our partial masking and binaural beat sounds 


4. Create your new future. Use the Brain Training to "rewire" your brain and transform your tinnitus. The Brain Training is unique to Tinnitus Tunes and has been developed though 15 years experience of working with people with a range of different tinnitus symptoms. The treatment has also proved helpful to people with Hyperacusis and Misophonia. To use the brain training treatment you do need to be a member of Tinnitus Tunes and you can Join our Tinnitus Tunes community in 2 simple steps.
5. Adaptation and lifestyle changes. Online teach and treatment classes that reinforce the changes you will have already achieved.

There are three parts to this stage in the treatment and through your membership of Tinnitus Tunes you will have access to all three:

  1. The email updates that keep you informed of the latest research and treatment techniques from all over the world. We can tap into our contacts with researchers at leading universities and companies. We also provide objective opinion on the validity of claims by other treatment providers.
  2. Several times a year we run a series of teach and treatment classes using Zoom or similar online tools. These classes have restricted numbers to enable us to support and engage with our members.
  3. We will also partner with other online providers who specialise in supporting you make lifestyle changes that support ongoing transformation and control of your tinnitus. These changes will transform not only your life, but the life of your family.

 Quick links to the key treatment downloads

Progressive relaxation, visualization and breathing exercises Your simplest and easiest way to make a difference. Reduce anxiety, stress and tension which all contribute to tinnitus.

Quick link to ASMR sounds

Quick link to partial masking & relaxing sound therapy downloads.

 Link to the powerful brain training therapy - switching attention away from your tinnitus

Attention refocusing sound downloads to use alongside your brain training